Alice in Wonderland: The Movie

So yesturday I went to the movies with my friend to see the new “Alice in Wonderland”. I though it was pretty good-not as amazing as it was put out to be, but definitely worth seeing. Sometimes things went too fast and it was hard to follow the story (its been a while since I’ve seen/read anything Alice). Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it in 3D, which I hear makes it doubly good.

Johnny Depp is an awesome actor. Once again, he pretty much takes over the entire movie  with his great portrayal of The Mad Hatter. I love his craziness and random lines.

Speaking of random lines, I found this great collection of clips about him the other day. The video is attached below. It’s “The Language of Johnny Depp” and shows how he’s made a great career out of nonsense words. Definitely great for a laugh.

Also, this soundtrack is amazing. There are many different artists featured, each with a different song featuring Alice. Most of the songs you can buy seperately on iTunes, so be sure to pick up the ones by your favorite artists.


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