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“The Last Olympian” by Rick Riordan

“The Last Olympian”
Author: Rick Riordan
This is the fifth and final book of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Read the reviews for book three here and book four here.
Pages [Hardcover]: 381
Available in stores now!
First Lines: The end of the world started when a pegasus landed on the hood of my car.
Memorable Quote: I felt like one of Apollo’s sacred cows- slow, dumb, and bright red
Favorite Character: Percy Jackson
Kronos is reformed and he won’t let anything stop him from overthrowing Olympus-even a hero like Percy Jackson.
Knonos’ army is marching closer and closer to New York City. The gods are all busy fighting Typhon, the most powerful monster of all. It’s up to Percy and the other half-bloods to keep Kronos from destroying Olympus. Will they succeed? Or will Kronos be the new ruler?
Like all Percy Jackson books, this novel was fast-paced and full of funny lines and characters. But I love these books, and I’m sad knowing this is the final one. The new Camp Half-Blood series coming out next fall will have new characters, apparently with a few familiar faces popping in every now and then.
But still. It’s Percy.
This son of Poseidon is a great leading character. He has normal temptations and flaws and it is easy to relate to him.
I love how the setting is described so vividly, especially in the fight scenes. I’ve only been to NYC twice, but I could picture everything that Percy was seeing perfectly.
Rachel Elizabeth Dare makes another appearance in this book. She’s more defined in this one, and more information of her background and such are given, which I liked.
The ending wasn’t cliff-hanger like the others (obviously, it’s the last book), but I’ll forgive it for being a little cliche. Sometimes we need a little bit of that thrown in there.
The Greek mythology was spot on. I love how it connects to everything! These books have me itching to read another book with Greek mythology tied it.
“The Last Olympian” definitely gets 5/5 stars. It’s a great book.


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