“Loath Letters” by Christy Leigh Stewart

“Loath Letters”
Author: Christy Leigh Stewart
Illustrator: Megan Hansen
Where I got it: Free in ebook edition from the author
Available now
There are no opening lines, as this is a collection of very short stories.
Memorable Quote:
Favorite Short Story:
If you’re looking out for a book of short stories that will amaze, confuse, horrify, and astound the reader while making them uncomfotable yet unable to tear their eyes away, this is the book for you. This stories are not your typical happy endings. Most are not happy. Some are not endings-only snippets of the character’s life. These are unfiltered views of humanity, not for the weak minded or faint of heart.

This book-well, ebook, is unlike any other that I can rememeber reading, in a good way. It startles and frightens the reader, but it’s not your typical happy love filled endings. It’s set apart from all else, can’t be judged by other books.
I thought it was very enjoyable. It was an eye-opener and was unique, above all else.
Though some stories were shocking and gruesome, they’re truthful, and unafraid to hold anything back.
The artwork, added in after every few stories, was fantastic and I loved it.
This collection of stories is something I definitely recommend.
“Loath Letters” gets 4/5 stars from me.
A little warning-some of these stories are too graphic and such for some readers.


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