[Refuge]e by Adnan Mahmutovic


Author: Adnan Mahmutovic

Pages [paperback]: 95

Available Now

I recieved this book when I won a contest on Goodreads

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Favorite Character: Aziza


After the Balkan war many Bosnian refugees ended up in Scandinavia. In [Refuge]e, we can eavesdrop on and witness the quirky characters that came out as the result of the war. Focusing on Bosnian women and their refusal to be victims, [Refuge]e gives us an insight into their mundane lives, small things with great meanings that make life worth living.


When I learned that I won this book, I was ecstatic. Weeks later, when I still hadn’t recieved my copy, I was disappointed. Little did I know that my copy of [Refuge]e was being sent from Switzerland-and was also signed! It was definitely worth the wait.

This book is much more serious than that which I’ve read lately, a nice refreshing change. The diction of [Refuge]e is smooth and elegant; though the book itself is quite short, the powerful messages it conveys linger even after I’ve put it down.

[Refuge]e shows several different women and their seperate struggles. They’ve been displaced by war and have varying pasts to contend with.

I thought this book was excellent, and I’m definitely going to look into the author’s other works.

[Refuge]e gets 4/5 stars.

Warnings: Adult content, violence


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