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“Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” by James Patterson


“Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas”: James Patterson


Pages [Hardcover]: 226

Available in stores everywhere: Katie Wilkinson sat in warm bathwater in the weird but wonderful old-fashioned porcelain tub in her New York apartment.Memorable Quote: “But what is life if you don’t live it?”

Opening Lines


When Katie met Matt, she thought she found her soul mate. Then, one day, he departs from her life, but not before giving her a diary to read. The diary, written by a woman named Suzanne to her baby son, Nicholas, tells that the father and husband is Katie’s Matt. Struggling to understand why she has been abandoned, Katie reads of the love shared by Suzanne and Matt.


This book was broken into alternating chapters-one about Katie, the next an excerpt from Suzanne’s diary.
I’ll admit that I started with high hopes. James Patterson is a great author. I’ve read some of his books-mostly young adult-before, and I expected nothing less than a gripping, compelling, heart-felt romantic page-turner.
I was disappointed.
I was never fully drawn into the story. The characters seemed faraway and unrelatable-and not just because they’re adults and I’m a teenager. The dialogue was dry and the plot dragged on and on, the ‘romance’ too forced and sugar-sweet. The only time it picked up was the end-the plot twisted and is the only good aspect of the book I can see.
I don’t recommend this book-I’m getting rid of it as soon as possible. I give Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas’  1/5 stars.


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