July 2010 Wrap Up

It’s August, and I wish I could stop time and make this month last longer. I’m not looking forward to it ending and going back to school in September.

In July, I read:

The Iron King-Julie Kagawa
Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover-Ally Carter
And Another Thing…-Eoin Colfer
The Maze Runner-James Dashner
Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas-James Patterson
Size 12 is Not Fat-Meg Cabot
Finnikin of the Rock-Melina Marchetta
Ink Exchange-Melissa Marr
Princess Ben-Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Books I purchased: 2
Borrowed from friend: 2
Checked out from library: 5
Review books: 0

Challenge Status:
What’s In a Name?  3/6
Jane Austen Challenge 0/6
2010 Chick Lit Challenge 6/8
2010 Support Your Local Library Challenge 10/50

I read less in July than in June, but I have so many great books on my TBR pile that I’m not at all disappointed. Plus, so many great book releases in August! The next Artemis Fowl book, Mockingjay, You Wish, and Clockwork Angel .

How was your July?

One thought on “July 2010 Wrap Up

  1. Hi! Don’t be upset that you didn’t read enough. You have some great books there. I like your monthly round-ups, sometimes I go back and check how many I’ve read.

    Surprisingly I think I managed 9 in July. Same as you. In fact, I’m going to adopt your post as a meme and do a monthly wrap-up too. Hope you enjoy your August TBR’s! Like you I’ve got mine all lined up pretty much.


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