Simon’s Choice by Charlotte Castle

Simon’s Choice

Author: Charlotte Castle

Pages: 304

Favorite Character: Sarah


“But, Daddy? Who will live with me in heaven?”
Doctor Simon Bailey’s previously perfect life is shattered when his seven-year old daughter is given months to live.
Whilst he can almost come to terms with her impending death and feels he may one day deal with never being able to see her again, he can not stand the idea of his child facing death alone.
He answers her question in a moment of desperation, testing his marriage, his professional judgement and his sanity to the limit. He offers to go with her.
As cracks form in the foundations of a family that once appeared unbreakable – we wonder, as do his loved ones – will he really make the ultimate sacrifice?
Journeying from the plastic palaces of Disneyland, to the funeral pyres of the Hindu Sati and combining poignant moments of both humour and pain, Simon’s Choice is a is a penetrating account of parenthood at the sharp-end.


I came across English author Charlotte Castle’s debut novel Simon’s Choice quite accidentally, but I’m certainly glad that I found it. This book reaches into the hearts of its readers and leaves behind the question-what would you do if faced with Simon’s situation?

The characters of Simon’s Choice are well-rounded and realistic. Though at some points their actions seemed absurd and totally uncalled for, when I reached the end everything made more sense and I understood why the book had been structured that way.

Sarah is an adorable little girl and it’s heartbreaking to know that there are families like Simon’s that have to live through situations like these. I didn’t know much about what would happen with cancer treatments and such, and Charlotte Castle guided the reader through what could have been several pages of confusing medical terms and chose not to focus on the exact treatments but on the characters and their emotions. This was something that I especially liked.

I’d definitely recommend this book. It was beautiful, tragic, and bittersweet. Simon’s Choice gets 4/5 stars.


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