The Thyssen Affair-Mozelle Richardson

 the thyssen affair 

The Thyssen Affair

Author: Mozelle Richardson

Pages [paperback]: 460

Opening Lines: Cane Eliot knew he was being followed before he reached the shuttle to Lufthansa for his overnight flight to Germany.

Favorite Character: Anya


Cane Eliot, Colorado rancher and ex-OSS WWII agent is brought back into action by a CIA friend to do a simple investigation in Munich. As Canyon says, “nothing the CIA does is simple”. He finds himself entangled in a web of twisted, convuluted intrigue with both the Israeli Mossad and the Russian KBG that requires him to use every bit of cunning and improvisation, physical and mental, he learned in the war.


 I wanted to like this novel a lot more than I did. Filled with spies, secrets, and chases that span continents, this book is filled with action. There was something that just did not click with me. The characters seemed stiff and awkward. Many people have a predetermined thought of how spies are supposed to act, and Canyon did not fill this role at all. Some of this may have to do with the fact that Cane is an older spy, which is mentioned several times throughout the book.

One thing in particular that I did not like occured mostly when Cane was in Germany. He mentioned so many specific towns, cities, other places, that it was hard to concentrate on the actual plot. I can probably name not even three cities in Germany, so this information was entirely useless for me. It gave me no picture for the setting and left me more confused than ever.

Overall, I’d give The Thyssen Affair 2.5/5 stars.


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