Tag, You’re It! 10 Things that Make Me Happy


I was tagged over at Zee\’s Wordly Obsessions. I know it was a while ago [over a month! sorry!], but I’m a dreadful procrastinator, even when it comes to fun thing like this. I’m sorry a thousand times over 😦

Anyway, this is a meme where you have to post 10 things that make you happy. So here we go:

1. Starting a new book.
I know that sounds kind of corny, but I love opening a book and starting out. Finding out who the characters are, picturing the setting. Good times.

2. Playing tennis.
I was never really into sports, but freshman year, I figured I’d join something and make a few friends. Of course, I was terrified out of my mind, and refused to get out of the car until my mom kicked me out, but in the long run I made awesome friends and found out I was pretty good at tennis.

3. Listening to a new CD.
I love buying a CD, whether it’s from a band I’ve followed for years, or someone I’ve just started to like. Finding out the new style, picking up a few new favorite songs.

4. Family parties.
True, sometimes family can get annoying. But they love me, and I love them. 😀 What could be better? Plus, there’s sure to be hilarious stories, delicious food, and intense games of jailbreak.

5. Sleepovers.
Getting together with my friends, staying up till dawn watching movies, having dance parties at 2 a.m., and eating tons of junk food makes me happy. We can talk about anything, and because a lot of us don’t have the same school schedules this year, hanging out like this is important.

6. Watching movies.
Especially ones that I’ve been looking forward to for ages. Maybe one based on a book I read, or starring my favorite actor/actress.

7. Nature’s beauty.
Not to sound all deep and everything, but it makes me so happy standing next to Niagara Falls, or driving up a mountain in West Virginia. White water rafting in Tennessee or searching for mooses [true story] in Maine, miles from any civilization.

8. Birthday parties.
Not only for me [but who doesn’t love getting presents?]. I love celebrating my friends [and family], too. Everyone I know is so unique, and I love picking out the perfect present for them.

9. Christmas.
I get to see my entire family during Christmas time, including my dad’s side, which I see twice a year, if I’m lucky. I love reconnecting with everyone. Plus, a week and a half of no school. (:

10. Shopping for school supplies.
That might be the geeky-ist thing ever. But I love it.

Now I’m supposed to tag six people. But I’m not really sure who to tag. xD So! If you read this, and think you might want to participate, comment below. 😀


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