what are you reading monday

What are you Reading Monday 9-27-10

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This week I read:

Fade-Lisa McMann
Extras-Scott Westerfeld

My favorite would have to be Fade. The series is so original, every book is a quick read, and I love the characters!

So. This week I managed to pass all of my tests, get a 6-4 record with my tennis team, watch Easy A [which is an AMAZING movie by the way, that you all should plan to see, because Emma Stone is amazing], rent Catching Fire from the school library [I’ve been DYING to read it, yet too lazy to put out the movie for a hardcover, but of course now it’s in paperback so I really have no excuse and . . . Yeah.], and go to my high school’s first home football game, which we won. Go Eagles! I haven’t been to a game since Freshman year.

Anyway, that long summary is my week. How was your week?

I also have a quick question, if anyone cares to answer it. I was considering starting the In My Mailbox meme, where you take a picture of all the books you’ve rented/bought/recieved for the week and post it on your blog. Would you be interested in seeing something like that? It probably won’t be every week, maybe every other.

2 thoughts on “What are you Reading Monday 9-27-10

  1. I think your picture of what you’re currently reading is better than a ‘what’s in my mail box’ post. It lets us know what’s coming. I’d rather you just stick to your wonderful reviews.


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