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Character Interview: The Sacred Oath

Yesturday I posted my review for The Sacred Oath. Today, we’re joined by Angelina, leading lady of the novel herself. Read on to find out what she said to a few questions of mine.

1. Anglina, you’ve said yourself that you’re very unique, with Native American ancestry while also being a practicing witch. Have you ever felt like you should something about yourself to conform? Why?
   Who doesn’t think they should change something about themselves so they “blend in” with everybody else? I think we all go through it at some point in our lives – especially when we’re teenagers, trying to fit in. Sometimes it seems easier to just conform, doesn’t it? Like, the people who stand out get the most grief thrown on them, and nobody wants that. I had points where it would’ve been so easy to pretend I wasn’t who I was – to be like everybody else. But when it came down to it, it wouldn’t be the real me, so why bother? It takes enough energy just to be yourself, why waste it being something you’re not.

2. When you first met Dasan, you described him as exceptionally beautiful. Was there anything else that automatically attracted you to him?
   Eyes – definitely the eyes! And he has a quiet confidence and strength that kind of oozes from him…

3. Finley, your best friend in Winnebago, sticks with you through thick and thin. Could you have accomplished as much without her at your side?
   Definitely not – especially since she’s the one with a license and a car! 🙂

4. Your mother works very hard to protect your family. Do you feel close to your family members?
   I do feel very close to my family members, and very protective of them. Rosie and I bicker – what sisters don’t – but there’s no question we love each other. And Mom, well, she’s Mom! You gotta love Momma Grace!

5. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring one thing with you, what would it be?
   Ooh, tough question! Okay, Deserted Island, only one thing… it’d have to be my cell phone! That way, I could call somebody to get me off the island! 🙂

Thanks for your time, Angelina!

Check out this fantastic book, The Sacred Oath. It’s definitely worth reading!


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