Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen


Lock and Key

Author: Sarah Dessen [also wrote The Truth About Forever]

Pages [hardcover]: 422

Available Now!

Memorable Quote: Whenever something great happens, you’re always kind of poised for the universe to correct itself.

Favorite Characters: Nate and Jamie


After her mom vanished in a stench of drugs and alcohol, Ruby continued to live in the family house alone. Finally found out, the introspective teenager is sent to the luxurious home of her older sister, Cora, whom she hadn’t seen in ten years. Everything there seems unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and supremely weird: her fancy new room; her lavish new wardrobe; the exclusive private school where she never quite fits in. Most mysterious of all is Nate, the friendly boy next door who seems to have a deep secret of his own. Another subtle character-driven teen novel by Sarah Dessen, the author of Just Listen and That Summer.


 I absolutely adore all of Sarah Dessen’s books. They’re beautifully written, with well developed characters and wonderful plot lines. I love how each and every character is unique, even the minor ones! I’ve never found as many memorable personalities packed into one book as her novels have.

 Ruby is a rebellious young girl who practically has to raise herself, as her mother absolutely detests all forms of responsibility. With this as her only role model, Ruby quickly becomes independent, but with this come bad habits-drugs and alcohol are abundent, as well as a horrible group of friends. Ruby never plans to finish high school, let alone attend college. She never believes she’ll even have a chance for a future.

Then her mom disappears, packing her bags and leaving in the middle of the night. Determined to stay on her own until she turns 18 and can do whatever she wants, Ruby begins to live without running water or electricity, barely getting by. Then the neighbors find out her mother is MIA, and chaos insues. Ruby’s shipped off to her sister Cora’s house, to live with her and her husband, Jamie.

Ruby didn’t even know her sister was married.

Throughout the book, the reader follows Ruby as she attempts to change her outlook on life. It’s been nothing but negative before, but maybe things could be looking up. And just as her life seems to be getting better, its getting worse for one of the people closest to her. Can she make a difference in someone else’s life? Ruby’s looked out for no one but herself in . . . Well, forever.

A fantastic page-tuner, Lock and Key will keep you addicted and wanting more. I give it 5/5 stars, and can’t wait to read another one of Sarah Dessen’s books!


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