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When Lightning Strikes by Meg Cabot

When Lightning Strikes

Author: Meg Cabot [also wrote Avalon High, Size 12 is Not Fat, and Airhead]

Pages [paperback]: 264

Available now!

Book 1 of the 1-800-Where-R-U series

Opening Lines: They want me to write it down. All of it. They’re calling it my statement.

Memorable Quote: I don’t think he could ever be a serial killer. He’s way too shy. That Ted Bundy guy, he was pretty outgoing , from what I heard.

Favorite Characters: Jess & Sean



was misunderstood by her teachers and had a crush on the local bad boy, but that didn’t mean she was trouble. But trouble found her when she survived a lightning strike and discovered that a newfound talent had been bestowed upon her.

Now, whenever she sees a picture of a missing child, Jess knows exactly where he or she is when she wakes up the next morning. Reuniting lost children with their desperate parents is one thing, but Jess must choose whether to use her power for good…or for evil.


I absolutely adore Meg Cabot. If I had to pick a favorite author-and that would be incredibly hard-I’d have to say it’s her. Her writing is addictive, her characters relatable, and plots not lagging in the least. When Lightning Strikes is no exception to this-I started reading it on Thursday, and if I’d had more time to read, would have been done even faster! Thankfully, the newest editions of the books have them sold in sets of two. I’ve already started the next book! (:

Jess is a very strong main character, fighting anyone who insults her family and not afraid to get into trouble. She practically lives at the guidance counselor’s office. But everything changes when she walks home from school one day, a thunderstorm hits, and she decides to take cover under the metal bleachers . . .

Can I just say, never do that?

Anyway, suddenly keeping her parents from knowing she’s in detention every day after school isn’t her biggest problem. She starts dreaming about the locations of lost kids. And when the U.S. Government finds out . . . Well, it’s all downhill from there.

What I really liked about this book is how it shows how hard it would be to keep a secret like this concealed. Everyone finds out about Jess’ powers, unlike in most novels where the main character can keep this information from everyone besides a select few. It adds an extra element of realism.

When Lightning Strikes is a fun, addictive read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen next and was proven wrong. I give it 5/5 stars!


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