Fantasy · fiction · young adult

Seeker by William Nicholson


Author: William Nicholson

Pages [hardcover]: 448

Available now!

Book 1 of the Noble Warriors Trilogy

Favorite Characters: Wildman & Morning Glory


When his brother is exiled from the Nomana without any explanation, sixteen-year-old Seeker sets off on a journey to rescue him–and to find out what really happened. Along the way, he meets two other young people who are on quests of their own, and in a shocking turn of events, the three are soon caught up in a harrowing and bloody race to save the Nomana–and themselves–from destruction.


Seeker, the first book of the Noble Warriors trilogy, has several different narrators. At different times it is told from Seeker’s point of view, Morning Glory’s, or the Wildman’s, as well as other characters. Especially in the beginning, this was very confusing. I was still getting to know one character and suddenly I’m introduced to another. By the end, I’d sorted them all out, and I started to like this setup. It allowed me to see what was going on everywhere, rather than just at one location.

It was really hard to get into this novel. For around the first half of the book, I had to force myself to come back to it. Not because it was dull, or the style was painful to read; there was just no hook, no incentive for me to feel for these characters. Around the middle it picked up, and by the end I couldn’t stop reading! I’m not sure what changed-maybe added action/suspense made me more into it-but now I really want to read book 2.

All of the names in this book are certainly unique-“Blaze of Justice”, “Seeker after Truth” and “Morning Glory” are just a few. It gave it an otherwordly feel while not making the characters completely alien to our society.

Seeker is a good read about overcoming evil, stopping horrible deeds, and finding your place in the world. I’m taking a star off for not being hooked onto it at first, but I give it 4/5 stars. It’s definitely worth reading.


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