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The Green Mile by Stephen King


The Green Mile

Author : Stephen King

Pages: [paperback] 592

Memorable Quote: “Sometimes the embers are better than the campfire.”

Favorite Character: Mr. Jingles

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At Cold Mountain Penitentiary, along the lonely stretch of cells known as the Green Mile, killers are depraved as the psychopathic “Billy the Kid” Wharton and the possessed Eduard Delacrouiz await death strapped in “Old Sparky.” Here guards as decent as Paul Edgecombe and as sadistic as Percy Wetmore watch over them. But good or evil, innocent or guilty, none have ever seen the brutal likes of the new prisoner, John Coffey, sentenced to death fro raping and murdering two young girls. Is Doffey a devil in human form? Or is he a far, far different kind of being?


I love Stephen King. I’m not a hardcore fan or any such thing, but if I happen to pick up one of his novels, I pretty much always end up liking it.

The Green Mile was originally written as a serial novel. This means that before it was compiled as a whole, it was split into 6 parts and published seperatly. Like a series only . . . not. It’s one book. Sort of like how Charles Dickens used to publish. And since I’ve been interested in that sort of thing, trying to picture how that would work out in my overly romanticizing brain, I’m also trying to figure out how people survived when they had to read that way.

Waiting months to find out what happens next? I’m definitely not patient enough for that sort of thing. But there is something oddly addicting about obsessing for a few months about what you think will happen next.

The Green Mile took my original expectations of what would happen and turned them upside down, in the best way. I wasn’t sure how into it I would be, but near the end I couldn’t put it down! Though I’m not sure that was a good thing, as I should have been studying. Hey, I’d rather enjoy a fantastic book.

The Green Mile gets 5/5 stars from me. I absolutely loved it, especially the ending.


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