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Poor Rich by Jean Blasiar

Poor Rich

Author: Jean Blasiar

Pages [paperback]: 270

Favorite Character: U2


Asthmatic, reclusive genius Rich Cameron has grown content with his sheltered life until one day the allergies that have plagued him since childhood suddenly disappear. With the help of a caring psychiatrist and an irreverent parrot named U2, Rich sets out into a strange new world.


This book was sent to me for review over the summer. I tried to start it then, but kept putting it off for books with faster plots. I finally settled down to read it around a month ago.

Rich is certainly an interesting character. He hasn’t made many friends, hasn’t done so many things normal kids and teens do because he used to be allergic to pretty much everything. When the allergies disappear, he has to try to figure out the world and his new place in it.

The book did have its good moments. I liked when he started tutoring his classmates and the different reactions he would get. Some of his short stories toward the end were good. But it got confusing at some points. The regular plot switching to a collection of stories with an explanation for each, and then randomly shifts back to the regular plot without a smooth changeover. It seemed too jolting and forced. I prefered the first part of the book to the second.

 I give Poor Rich 2/5 stars. It had its good moments, but I don’t think I’ll be reading it again.


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