Blog Tour: Playlist for ‘Debugging Tori Redding’ + Giveaway!

I’m fortunate enough to be part of the Debugging Tori Redding blog tour! Today I’m featuring a playlist for the book, composed of music choices that fit in perfectly with this book! Be sure to check back here March 4 for my review!

Here’s a summary of Debugging Tori Redding by Jason Ancona:

Fed up with her peers and their loose morals, Tori starts a new school program, the Not So Fast club, a group dedicated to keeping teens from doing everything they want to do–drink, have sex, and rush to grow up.

A severe toothache interrupts her plan, sending her to the dentist, where she’s given an emergency root canal. During the surgery, she’s electrocuted and ends up blacking out. When she awakes, her brain has the ability to function like a computer.

Tori uses her new skills and aggressive personality to charge up the club.
Hated by the entire school, she discovers that NSF now stands for: Narcs Suck Farts. Game on. Tori memorizes every school rule, issuing tickets for every little infraction.

After a serious crime occurs, Tori must use her talents to save a life, all while trying to free herself from her mind.

Now, on to the playlist!

P!nkStupid Girl   — “I’m so glad that I’ll never fit in. That will never be me.”

Taylor SwiftInnocent — “Lost your balance on a tightrope. Lost your mind tryin’ to get it back.”

EminemNot Afraid — “I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid. To take a stand, to take a stand.”

Katie CostelloOut of Our Minds — “I think I’ll be happier if I turn my brain off.”

Adam LambertWhataya Want From Me — “It messed me up. Need a second to breath.”

U2Running To Stand Still — “She is ragin’. She is ragin’. And the storm blows up in her eyes.

Sick PuppiesMaybe — “Maybe I’m just out of touch. Maybe I’ve just had enough.”

RihannaDisturbia — “What’s wrong with me? Why do I feel like this?”

ColdplayFix You — “When you lose something you cannot replace. Tears stream down your face.”

On a final note, the author is offering a free ebook copy of Debugging Tori Redding! To be entered to win, it’s simple: comment below with your email address! The deadline to enter is Thursday, March 3! The winner will be announced March 4, the same day my review is posted!

Good luck!

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