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Books to Movies: Beastly

I’ve been dying to see this movie ever since I heard it was being made, and my wish finally came true this weekend! Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens snagged the lead roles, and I thought they were both wonderful. ^^ Of course, Alex Pettyfer could be fantastic in anything. I absolutely adore him.

I read Beastly, the novel that the movie is based off of, way back in October. That is definitely too long of a wait for someone as impatient as me! I immediately fell in love with the book, its characters, and the way it put a modern spin on a classic tale. Because it’s true-the modern world is definitely too concerned with vanity and not what’s on the inside.

The only thing that annoyed me were the little, pointless changes to the novel they made with the movie. Once Kyle [Alex Pettyfer] goes through his transformation, he tells everyone to call him Adrian. In the movie, he says to be called Hunter. What difference does the name make? I have no idea.

Neal Patrick Harris had me laughing until I was crying. He plays Will, Kyle’s blind tutor. He was insanely hilarious! Every line had me cracking up. Definitely one of my favorite elements of the movie! ^^

Although I loved the book much more than the movie, I think the film was great in its own way. I definitely recommend it as a fun, romantic, modern take on an old fairytale.

3 thoughts on “Books to Movies: Beastly

  1. i own the book and movie beastly they took out one BIG part in the book they forgot completly aboout in the movie and it upset me alot but and over all revew of both the movie and the book were top class but in my perspectof they shouldn’t have taken out that part 🙂


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