Scars: Blog Tour: Character This or That

Today I welcome to the blog Meghan, one of the leading ladies of Scars. I’ll give her two options to choose from, and she’ll tell us her favorite. So, Meghan, ready to start?

Meghan: Sure, I’ll answer yer questions. But you gotta answer mine, too.
Action or comedy?
Action. Some things that other people find funny just don’t make me laugh.
Spring or autumn?
Spring. It’s like hope eternal, always renewing itself.
Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate. Me and my girl both love chocolate.
Call or text?
Call—if it’s with my girl or someone I really wanna talk to, you know? Unless I’m in class and then it’s text.
Day or night?
Hot or cold?
Hot. Cold is lethargy.
Book or ebook?
Gimma a book I can hold.
Sweet or sour?
Sweet. I had enough sour to last me a lifetime.
Television or movies?
Movies. You can really lose yourself in the story, the way you can with novels. But I don’t watch any of those horror flicks. I had me enough horror in my life, and so did my girl. I like movies where girls are kick-ass strong, though.

Nature or technology?

Nature. It’s pretty beautiful when you take the time to look. Though tech is useful and can be fun and I sure wouldn’t want to live without it.

Cookies or cupcakes?
What is it with these “or” questions? I want both. (grinning)

So—my turn, now. What’s yer take on queer marriage? Because I’m all for it. I think we deserve the right to marry as much as any het couple. I can’t wait til I can marry Kendra. Some day, that’s gonna be us. An old married couple.


I think I’ve got to agree with Meghan on that one. ^^

Follow the rest of the Scars tour, and check back here August 28 for my review of the novel!

I read, love, and respond to each and every one of your comments! Thank you for reading!

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