A Scholarship Attempt

To interrupt the usual stream of book reviews, I’ll be posting about something completely different this fine evening. What’s that, you say? This is a book blog, and this post about Vacancy.com will have absolutely no relevance? Well, not exactly. You see, I could win $500 in this scholarship contest.Which could go toward books. Not exactly the fun, paperback ones I usually pick up, but the big, bulky brutes they call textbooks these days. For college. That wonderful institution I’ll be jetting off to next year. Though if I actually did have a jet to use, I could sell that for tuition money instead . . .
I decided to use their fun little map search option that pops up on the home page-which automatically lets you search for listings in whatever state you’re interested in-to look up something near a few of the colleges I’m looking into. Then I could search by city, or just click on a college. How convenient is that? Because half the time, I don’t know what city I’m in, let alone what the college address is.

Then I found a link to Markham Gardens, an apartment complex in Staten Island, N.Y. Not at all where I thought I’d end up, but the place had me from the first photo. It’s gorgeous! If something can look that pretty on the outside-and who can resist those colorful trees?-then it has to be as good on the inside.


And look at those! The kitchen is adorable, though I’m sure my roommate would be the only one using it. Just because I’m moving out of my parents’ house doesn’t mean I’ll magically be able to cook something without burning it. That bathroom won’t clean itself, either. It looks clean, nice, and loveable here. But I don’t think anyone would want to room with me if I’m making them do all the cooking and cleaning. Wishful thinking.

Besides the great layout and beautiful exterior, the amenities in the apartment complex are worthy of some applause.

There’s a resident lounge, too! Perfect for when you need to get away from your roommate for a few minutes. Or hours. They’d probably kick you out before it comes to days.



Computer suddenly stop working at exactly the wrong time? That's happened to me more times than I want to think about! The Computer/Business center has a bunch for you to use! Feel the stress slip away as your hands are reunited with a working keyboard.

One last picture before we go?

Yeah, I don't know why they picked that vase, either. Or why they put a picture of this up. But I won't complain. It's doughnut shaped. Very...unique.

Would I stay here? Definitely. It seems like a very pretty place, which is a must, doesn’t seem too uptight or too drab. Just right for a college student.

And if one of those doughnut vases came with the apartment, too, I’d never leave.


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