4 stars · fiction · young adult

Can You Survive: Sherlock Holmes by Ryan Jacobsen

Can You Survive: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Author: Ryan Jacobson

Pages [paperback]: 152


He’s the world’s most famous detective, and thanks to this brilliantly adapted book, he’s you! The cases, the clues, the suspects, they’re yours to sort through in this exciting Choose Your Path book. You are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. You make the choices. But be careful; the wrong decision could lead to your doom.


I’ve loved ‘Choose Your Adventure’ books even since I could understand what they were, though unfortunately they don’t make as many as I’d like. And I haven’t read one in years, as they’re mainly geared toward elementary school kids. But this Sherlock Holmes edition is one I think can be enjoyed by a variety of ages, because while the wording is simple enough to be understood by children, the themes and stories can be appreciated by teens and adults as well.

I breezed  through this book, finishing the entire thing in just over an hour. I loved being able to go back again and again to choose different paths for myself, because I seem to have a knack for making exactly the wrong decisions. Maybe I wouldn’t be such a great detective after all.

What I love about this is that you’re actually Sherlock Holmes, because the book is written in second person. That means ‘you’ are being addressed, so you’re also given responsibility for your life. (And Watson’s, sometimes. I have to apologize because I ended up killing him, more than once.)

It’s simple good fun. Nothing deep or dragging about it, which I actually liked. And the three stories involved are actually based off Sherlock Holmes tales. So if you need to get someone to start reading classic literature, this is one way to start them on it.



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