5 stars · fiction · mystery · young adult

Held by Edeet Ravel


Author: Edeet Ravel

Pages [hardcover]: 252


What happens when the source of your worst fears becomes the object of your affection?

Seventeen-year-old Chloe’s summer vacation in Greece comes to an abrupt end when she is suddenly bound, gagged and whisked away to an unidentified location. Waking up from a drug-induced sleep, she finds herself in a squalid warehouse. Chloe can only imagine the worst.

After several days of total isolation and utter despair, Chloe faces a new threat when her kidnapper appears, but she also feels a sense of relief. His revelation that she is being held as ransom for a prisoner exchange, however, does little to allay her fears.

The weeks pass and, haunted by terrifying dreams and with only her thoughts to keep her company, Chloe fights to remain calm in an impossible situation. At least her kidnapper, although cold and distant, visits frequently, often bringing gifts. Before long, Chloe begins to have feelings for him that take her by surprise. Though still fearing for her safety, she now fantasizes about a life together. And is it her imagination, or does her captor share those feelings? Even when she is finally released, Chloe vows to protect her captor at any cost.

This powerful psychological thriller, written by renowned novelist Edeet Ravel, leaves readers wondering at every suspenseful turn: Is Chloe experiencing Stockholm syndrome


I really loved this book! Not only was it impossible to put down, it also really made me appreciate everything that I have today and every day. Maybe people shouldn’t take the things they have for granted. Not that everyone will be kidnaped and held like Chloe, but it poses a multitude of ‘what if’ questions. Chloe’s time in captivity presents a mystery that haunts a majority of the pages. Is what she feels for her hostage-taker real, or not? Is she just a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome? Are they just trying to brainwash her? Or does she actually see something in him worth appreciating?

And, most importantly-can you trust anything that she says? She makes herself into an unreliable narrator, making it so that the entire thing could actually be a well fabricated lie. A fantasy world. And if that doesn’t mess with your mind . . .

Chloe is an awesome character, and not only because she’s the only one the book fixates around for a while. You see everything purely from her perspective as she reflects back on her time in captivity. As soon as I started the book and realized that right on the first pages we are told she is saved, I figured that was a horrible move by the author. I was so glad I was proved wrong. Every page was addicting, because it was more a representation of psychological struggles and survival than one of how she actually physically got away.

This is one YA novel that will stick with me for a long, long time. I hope to read more by this author soon. Held was brilliantly crafted, and anyone who thinks a book with so few characters and settings will be boring can prove themselves wrong by giving this a read. You won’t regret it. At all.


8 thoughts on “Held by Edeet Ravel

  1. Hey, I’ve read the book, too. I absolutely loved it (I finished it in one go) but I didn’t really get the end. Was the whole “book” seized by the authorities? Were they able to read what really happened? (And by book I mean what went down during the time she was held captive). That’s the only part that got me confused.
    I’m really hoping for a sequel or a movie šŸ™‚

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    1. If I’m remembering correctly, she did write it all for the authorities to read, and they ended up taking it from her even though she’d decided she didn’t really want them to know what had happened because she’d fallen for her captor. I’d really love to know what happens next with her!


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