Don’t Breathe a Word Blog Tour-Tens List! + Giveaway!

Today I’m lucky enough to host Holly Cupala, author of Don’t Breathe a Word, and have her give us the Top Ten Reasons for Joy staying on the streets. I read this book, loved this book, and plan on reading it again soon! It was amazing, and I definitely recommend it. My review will be up soon! For now, let’s hear from the author herself! Take it away!

Thanks to Kayla for inviting me to Caught Between the Pages and for hosting the Don’t Breathe a Word tour! The book is now on the shelves, and I hope you readers love it!

In DON’T BREATHE A WORD, Joy escapes her suburban life for secret reasons and lives on the streets, where she must fight for survival. She meets allies along the way, a group of homeless teens who have secrets of their own—and she falls in love. But life on the streets is definitely not easy. Here is Joy to give her top ten reasons for not wanting to leave:

Joy’s Top Ten Reasons for Not Wanting to Leave the Streets

10.       Asher.

9.         The one person in my family who could help turned me away.

8.         I reached a breaking point—it was safer to live on the streets than to live at home.

7.         Asher was looking for me, and I knew he wouldn’t stop until he found me.

6.         May, Santos and Creed. They became my family on the streets. I would die for them.

5.         If they found out I wasn’t kidnapped, my family—my life—would be in danger.

4.         Ice cream. With Creed.

3.         I was afraid for May, even though she made her own choices.

2.         I was terrified to go back to face Asher, but I couldn’t let my friend die because of me.

1.         Because I fell in love. And I couldn’t bear the way Creed looked as he watched me drive away.

I loooooved this book. Not sure if you’ll want to read it? Can’t wait to get it? Read a preview now!

Find out more about Holly here.

And view the book’s official website over here.

Dying to read the book? Want to win a copy for yourself?


Rules and Chances to Enter:

1.) International participants welcome!
2.) One automatic entry!
3.) One every for every post you comment on-must link to the post!
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