4 stars · Fantasy · fiction · young adult

Princess Rose and the Crystal Castle by Pepper Thorn

Princess Rose and the Crystal Castle

Author: Pepper Thorn

Pages: [ebook] 132

favorite character: mouse


Princess Rose carries a dangerous curse.
Everyone loves her.

When she turns away each of the princes des­per­ate to marry her, one takes matters into his own hands. He steals her away through a magic mir­ror to his own dis­tant king­dom. But nothing in the Crystal Castle is quite what it seems: not the hand­some prince, not the mad king she never sees, not even the silent page who becomes her only friend. When Rose finally unravels the maze of secrets and discovers what the prince really wants, she knows she must escape or lose more than her life.

Fans of dark fairy­tales like Cora­line and Clock­works will thrill to the mystery and sus­pense of Princess Rose and the Crystal Castle.


I really liked Princess Rose and the Crystal Castle. I know, I know; with a name like that, most people automatically think this is a children’s story, and can be nothing more than that. Sure, if only kids can enjoy a good fairy tale. But I’m going to toss that assumption aside, because people of all ages can read and get something out of this short, quick read. With mad kings and strange princes, powerful magic and cursed princesses, this has a little bit of everything.

I loved how the entire book read like an old fairy tale, wording simple and to the point as the fantastic story spun along. Sometimes it’s hard to carry out that feel, and the author definitely didn’t disappoint here, turning images that would have been flat otherwise into wonderful landscapes of kingdoms and secrets. At no point did I feel like the story was something I’d read a million times before, either; the originality was smooth and refreshing.

Princess Rose could have easily turned into a horrid character, under her curse-everyone she meets automatically comes to love her. Despite this, she’s got a great set of morals in her, sticking to her duties as a princess and standing up for those who need her. But she isn’t a complete goody-goody either, knowing how to keep secrets and when to fight back. And, not giving into every man who claimed to love her. Two thumbs up for that!

The way this story ended, I’m assuming there’s going to be a sequel, and I would definitely read more!

ENCHANTING. 4/5 stars

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