4 stars · fiction · romance · young adult

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

So Much Closer

Author: Susane Colasanti

Pages [paperback]: 241

memorable quote:
It’s unbelievable how you can affect someone else so deeply and never know.

favorite characters: jack & sadie


When Brooke’s crush, Scott, moves from their suburban town to New York City, she decides to follow him there. Living with her formerly estranged dad and adapting to a new school are challenging, and things go from bad to worse when Brooke learns that Scott already has a girlfriend. But as she builds her new life, Brooke begins to discover a side of herself she never knew existed. And as she finds out, in the city that never sleeps, love can appear around any corner…


Why, why why did it take me so long to start reading books by Susane Colasanti? I’ve had so many people recommend them to me, and just kept pushing it off. Now I regret that, because although I didn’t agree with some of the things the main character, Brooke, did, the writing style was absolutely captivating and pulled me right in.

The plot was simple, but frustrating. What sane person would move just to possibly be a little closer to a boy you say you love but who you’ve actually talked to twice? Uh, no one. I can understand gigantic life chances for someone closer, but . . . This. It was repaired, significantly, by Brooke’s insistence that she would have moved there anyway, because she’s always wanted to live in the city. This was just what pushed her over the edge. If there wasn’t that reassurance, I’m not sure if I would have gone through with this . . . Which would be really disappointing, because I enjoyed the book besides Brooke’s crooked sense of logic.

I flew through this book. It’s not too long, but that’s not the only reason why. As I said before, the writing style was really something I could get into. Not that I want to keep comparing Colasanti to Sarah Dessen-because I’ve heard so many people make that comparison before-but it’s true. They can both capture unique young adult voices that, thrown into what could potentially be bland plotting, still catch my attention and refuse to let go, even after the book is finished.

Because I usually read fantasy or other genres that aren’t sticking plainly to reality (because, really, I get enough of that already), it can take me a lot to like a book in this vein of writing. Which might not be fair to some great authors out there, but it really makes me stand behind the fantastic ones I come across. Susane Colasanti is one of those, and I can’t wait to pick up another of her books. (Hopefully with a better premise. Must read summary before buying.)



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