3 stars · Fantasy · fiction · series · young adult

The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark by Ridley Pearson

The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark

Author: Ridley Pearson

Kingdom Keepers #1

Pages [hardcover]: 326

favorite characters: finn & amanda


In this fantastical novel, Disney’s Magic Kingdom suddenly becomes a bit eerie. Finn Whitman and four other teens have been hired as Disney World guides, but with an odd twist: With cutting-edge technology, they have been transformed into hologram projections capable of leading guests around the park. What begins as an exciting theme park job turns into a virtual nightmare as Finn and his pals attempt to thwart an uprising by a menacing group of Disney villains.


I started out this book with great hopes and was left wishing for a little more. I loved Peter and the Starcatchers which was co-authored by Ridley Pearson, and I love Disney in general, so I figured I would give Disney After Dark a shot. The premise was good, though it still left much to be explained, and I think the execution of the plot fell short of its mark.

It’s hard to make Disney boring. With a bunch of classic villains running around plotting to gain power and take over the world, these familiar faces are great antagonists in the story. Yet it takes a while to start off, with nearly half the book devoted to the kids actually finding each other and figuring out what they can do before starting off on this mission to save Disney . . . and the world. While some of the build-up was necessary, I think the rest pulled away at a lot of my interest.

The characters felt a bit bland and weren’t very relatable. At times they wouldn’t act their age, being either too mature or too young for what actual people in that position would do. There were some good moments, but I think this is what cinched it for me. I won’t be continuing with this series.

But I didn’t hate this first book. It captured my interest enough to push me until the end, but didn’t leave me craving more which is what I usually look for in a series. These just aren’t the books for me.



3 thoughts on “The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark by Ridley Pearson

  1. I’m going to Disneyworld next month and I had never heard of this book. I clicked on this from my blog reel and was SO excited thinking I’d have to read this before I go…but…*pouty lip*….”meaningless magic” though? *slumps shoulders* Maybe not. Good review!


    1. I’m going to Disney next month as well, which is partially why I started reading this. Sorry to disappoint you! I’m sure there are other people who would enjoy this book more than I did, so perhaps you’d be one of them. (:


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