4 stars · fiction · romance · young adult

My Double Life by Janette Rallison

My Double Life

Author: Janette Rallison

Pages [hardcover] : 272

memorable quote:

I didn’t bother to explain about the glitter in my hair. I figured they could think it was a family trait. We all glittered, just like the Cullens in Twilight.

favorite characters:
kari & alexia


Her whole life, Alexia Garcia has been told that she looks just like pop star Kari Kingsley, and one day when Alexia’s photo filters through the Internet, she’s offered a job to be Kari’s double. This would seem like the opportunity of a lifetime, but Alexia’s mother has always warned her against celebrities.

Rebelliously, Alexia flies off to L.A. and gets immersed in a celebrity life. Not only does she have to get used to getting anything she wants, she romances the hottest lead singer on the charts, and finds out that her own father is a singing legend. Through it all, Alexia must stay true to herself, which is hard to do when you are pretending to be somebody else!


I looooove Janette Rallison. I was so excited to read My Double Life, but it took me way too long to actually get into it. I’m not sure why! I liked the characters, the guy, the conflict, the main problem, the other problems, the humor, the general awesome-ness that comes with every Janette Rallison novel. Okay, the last thing might not be something everyone sees, but I definitely wanted to point it out for anyone who hasn’t realized it yet.

Alexia is great. She has the problems most girls have, plus a celebrity for a twin, plus she has no idea who her father is because her mother refuses to tell her. While I’ve never dealt with either of these problems, I’m pretty sure anyone would handle them in a way similar to the methods she uses. She has self-confidence issues, fashion emergencies, a loyal best friend, guy problems. She is tempted, definitely isn’t perfect, but always tried to redeem herself and keep things in perspective.

Then there are the supporting characters. Her grandmother and mother, both with their own personalities and oddities that make them so interesting, Kari and her manager. I love it when an author can make even a person with the smallest of appearances seem so stark and significant, letting them shine for their few scenes.

While this idea isn’t entirely original, I think that the way it is executed accompanied by the voice it is told by make it into something fun and new. I wish I could read more about Alexia’s adventures, but I guess we can’t all get everything we wish for. And if this book teaches you anything, it’s that those things you think will turn out to be great-like becoming a celebrity for a little while-aren’t all they’re made out to be.

QUICK, FUN READ. 4/5 stars

Go get it!


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