The Vampire Psychologist Series!

Looking for a new vampire series to read? I know, there seems to be an endless amount of vampire lit coming from everywhere these days, so it’s hard to know what will be worth picking up. I’d definitely recommend checking out the Vampire Psychologist series, starring. Dr. Kismet Knight as she accidentally gets herself involved in a real world filled with blood-sucking creatures when she thinks she’s only looking into the newest teen craze.

The Vampire Shrink is the first novel in the series and it’s just been rewritten, expanded, and re-released!  Here’s the summary:

Kismet Knight, PhD, doesn’t believe in the paranormal. She especially doesn’t believe in vampires, but she begins to wise up when she is introduced to a handsome man named Devereux who claims to be 800 years old. Kismet doesn’t buy his vampire story, but she also can’t explain why she has such odd reactions and feelings when he is near. Then a client almost completely drained of blood staggers into her waiting room and two angry men force their way into her office, causing her to consider the possibility that she has run afoul of a vampire underworld. Enter FBI profiler Alan Stevens, who warns her that vampires are very real, and one is a murderer—a murderer who is after her.

The Vampire Shrink is filled with fantastic characters, from Kismet to the vampires themselves to Alan the FBI agent, who seems to know more about these vampires than he should. The writing is great, plus the plot is action-packed and filled with plot twists . . . And, of course, romantic moments.

You can’t ignore those book covers, either. I was looking through the old editions of book books and really prefer these. I feel like they relate so much more to the series as a whole. Plus they look awesome!

Once you read the first novel, you won’t be able to resist picking up the second right after you’re finished. Here’s the summary, just in case you aren’t sure you’ll be hooked:

Blood Therapy is a dark contemporary fantasy with humor, mystery, romance and adult situations.

Kismet Knight knows exactly how to handle her clients, but when it comes to her love-life, she’s on less steady ground. That was until she met master vampire Devereux, an 800-year-old hunk, who not only managed to convince the entirely rational shrink that vampires really do exist – he also persuaded her to start dating him.

Kismet’s still having nightmares after being kidnapped by Lucifer, a psychotic vampire. From a therapeutic perspective she finds his split personalities fascinating – but she’s constantly terrified. And Dev’s become obsessed with finding Lucifer – before he comes after Kismet again.

So much for her nice, ordinary life…

–  –  –

Need I say more? Try out this series now-you won’t regret it, and you’ll have a new favorite vampire series to read!

I read, love, and respond to each and every one of your comments! Thank you for reading!

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