2 stars · Fantasy · fiction · young adult

Pulse by Patrick Carman


author : patrick carman

pages : 384

favorite character : hawk

summary :

From New York Times bestselling author Patrick Carman, a teen fantasy-adventure of epic proportions. In 2051, some teens have a “pulse,” the power to move objects with their minds. Compulsively readable, with thrilling action scenes and a tender love story.

The year is 2051, and the world is still recognizable. With the help of her mysterious classmate Dylan Gilmore, Faith Daniels discovers that she can move objects with her mind. This telekinetic ability is called a “pulse,” and Dylan has the talent, too.

review :

All of my hopes for this novel fell flat. I loved Patrick Carman’s novels when I was a kid and I was hoping this new YA trilogy by him would only help to continue the awesomeness that is his writing. Or was, because I really don’t think that Pulse or the books that will follow after it will really ever be liked by me.

I think it was partially the book summary’s fault for my impatient disappointment with this novel. Because it was talking about telekinetic powers and fighting and action, I thought that more of the book might involve all of that . . not just the last few pages. It was infuriating to read through the first half which just detailed a futuristic school experience that was really just like a boringly dramatic high school and have no mention of telekinesis or any action whatsoever.

Then, the characters. Faith was hardly likeable. She was actually very annoying at times, particularly with how she acted toward her so-called friends and who she chooses to spend her time with. She has completely unhealthy relationships and most of the other characters do things that make them completely unlikeable. The potential love interest in this story really creeped me out and had such a possessive and controlling way of interacting with Faith that I really just wanted to get her away from him. Because I never really felt any emotional connection to the characters or story, I feel like anything could have happened, people could have died and I wouldn’t have been very affected.

Pulse was a huge disappointment for me. I won’t be reading the next few books. I’d possibly skim them out of interest to see where the plot could potentially go but I can’t think of anything that would hook me into this storyline at this point. This really just isn’t a book for me.

2/5 stars

2 thoughts on “Pulse by Patrick Carman

  1. Ohh no! It has such a pretty front cover as well, such a shame, it actually reminds me of the Insurgent one a little.
    I tend to really enjoy characters you are supposed to dislike, but by the sounds of this book I’m guessing you’re supposed to like her? And that’s a totally different story if they author has failed to do that! The love interest sounds terrible as well, it’s such a thin line in YA sometimes…

    Great review. 🙂


    1. Yes, it reminded me a lot of Insurgent too! It was really what got me interested in reading this because I wanted to hear the story behind it. Unfortunately it just didn’t live up to the cover. D: But I know what you mean-sometimes I love unlikeable characters too! Faith was the one you’re supposed to be rooting for, though, so I really think it failed there. Anyway, thank you so much, and thank you for commenting! 😀


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