4 stars · fiction · paranormal · young adult

Absent by Katie Williams


Author : katie williams [also wrote the space between trees]

pages : [hardcover] 184

favorite character : evan

summary :

Forever is a long time to be stuck in high school.

Seventeen-year-old Paige is dead, the victim of a freak fall from
the roof during Physics class. Now she’s a ghost, permanently
bound to the grounds of her high school. It isn’t all bad, she can
find out everyone’s secrets, which can be amusing—for a while.
But then Paige hears something that isn’t amusing at all: the
rumor spread by the most popular girl at school that her death
wasn’t an accident—that she supposedly jumped on purpose.
Paige is desperate to stop the gossip, but what can a ghost do?
Then Paige discovers something amazing. She can possess
living people when they think of her, and she can make them do
almost anything. Maybe, just maybe, she can get inside the girl
who’s responsible for the stories. . . and have a little fun turning the tables while she’s at it.

Katie Williams’s second novel is a suspenseful page-turner full of
eerie wit and a touch of the otherworldly

review :

Absent by Katie Williams is everything and nothing like I’d expected it to be. It’s a much shorter and less action oriented novel than I thought that it would be, judging from the summary alone, though now that I’ve read it through I think that it sits at precisely the perfect length and follows a great pace for the plot that is presented. Some of what is shown is heavy material for teens in high school, blatantly speaking about drugs, alcohol, suicide, and the less horrible problems-teen love, friendship, and trust.

The characters in this were fantastic and flawed, both the living and the dead. Evan was definitely my favorite though he didn’t get much dedicated to him in the novel, though he was very sweet and understanding even after he’d been stuck alone and invisible in the school for so long. I loved the hint of mystery surrounding him for most of the book as well as the plot twists that keep appearing throughout the novel, all culminating in an ending that I really loved and think perfectly suited the story and the characters. Plus, there was so much happening that I hadn’t even imagined would come about, which was great.

I read The Space Between the Trees, Williams’ first novel, before this and thought that there was something off about it that kept me from completely enjoying it. Now that I really like Absent, I think that it wasn’t Williams’ writing style but probably just the plot that kept me from really diving into her work before. I really liked the characters and setup of Absent, so readers that might not have loved the other novel will definitely find something more in this one.

4/5 stars


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