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Decorating Your Dorm Room!

Hey everyone!

Today I want to talk about college dorm rooms. Last year I didn’t have the most cooperate roommate when it came to making decisions and sharing the space. Luckily next year I’m going to be living with my best friend . . Only I’ve heard that the room will be smaller this year and I haven’t had the chance to see it yet. What does that mean? I’ve got to plan for everything.

I’m mostly concerned with making everything look nice and pretty. Inviting, too; no one wants to have stuff packed in everywhere so no one can come and hang out in the room. Residence Hall Linens is one site that has a lot to offer for storage. Something I really liked that I saw was the Bedside Buddy because I’m always using stuff right before bed and need somewhere to keep it organized when I’m too tired to get up and try to find another place for everything. Especially when there isn’t room for a bedside table.

Take a look at the RHL storage page because it’s got a few things on there I’m really thinking will be great for me to use next year. The hanging organizers are great. Last year I ended with my shoes all sprawled out on the floor because I could never really find a place to put them where I wasn’t constantly pulling them out and changing my mind or trying to get something else they were on or in or around. The pain of having so many shoes to choose from.

Okay, more important than storage, there’s the actual decoration. Let’s face it. The walls are always some ugly color, there are probably a few things you’ll need to cover up, and having the right things scattered around the room will easily make it feel more like home. I really like to have a few extra pillow around to make the place comfy for everyone!

Perhaps more important: Where will I put all of my pictures? All last year I had a problem with them constantly falling off of my wall when I tried to stick them up . . But! RHL has there wall decal photo frames that, well, would have made my life a whole lot easier last year. Not only are they cute and easy to get off of the wall (when you want them to, as in not so unsticky all your memorable pictures will fall on you in your sleep) they’re affordable and useful! What more could you want, right?

I guess you could say it’s important not only to be rooming with someone you know you’ll get along with but to also create a space you’ll both be happy in. A cluttered, dreary mess can make even the best of friends hate each other. Probably. You wouldn’t want to risk it, would you? 😉

{this post was sponsored by Residence Hall Linens but all opinions are my own}


2 thoughts on “Decorating Your Dorm Room!

  1. I’ve painted many rooms in my day (I’m a little bit of a painting junkie), and like so many other things, once you get the hang of the process it’s really quite fun. Throw on some old clothes, kick out the jams, and after a few hours of good old physical labor, you’ll have a wonderfully transformed space.


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