5 stars · nonfiction

Jane Austen’s World by Maggie Lane


Jane Austen’s World: The Life and Times of England’s Most Popular Author

author : maggie lane

pages : [hardcover] 144

summary :

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen is one of the world’s most popular novelists, a sharp and witty writer whose stories enchant on their own and in numerous film and TV adaptations. Jane Austen’s World takes a look at the woman behind the literature, revealing her private life and examining the world she inhabited—a time when England was developing into a colonial power, the Napoleonic Wars raged, and the Regency took hold. No other book truly captures Austen’s spirit as well.

review :

I was so excited to read this book! First of all, Jane Austen is a fantastic author and I’ve been trying to read more of her work. Now I’ll be able to read the rest of her novels with all of this background information about her life and the time period that she was living in. I think that this is an important read for any Jane Austen fan or just someone who wants to understand her writing better. Maybe you could read one of her books, read this, and then see what new information you pick up after during a reread of your favorite of her novels.

There’s so much in here that I never really thought about but realize, maybe belatedly, was exceptionally important to the people in that time and thus to the characters she was writing. While of course people enjoy her writing as it is because she still has fans everywhere, there’s so much history and information in Jane Austen’s World that I think it’d be a disservice to her work not to at least be a little informed about how she might have thought before you try to judge her books.

If you’re interested in history, literature, the context in which these books were written in, you most definitely need to look into picking up a copy of this book. It’s an easy but informative read and the layout is just beautiful as well. Filled with wonderful pictures and the only known drawing of Jane Austen, this will look great on your bookshelf and you won’t regret taking a look at this great book!

5/5 stars

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