Start reading Paradox by A. J. Paquette

I just read and loved the chapter sampler of Paradox and wanted to share it with all of you! Paradox looks like it’s going to be a read I’ll really love and I can’t wait to get to the rest of the book! 

Fans of James Dashner’s Maze Runner series will love this postapocalyptic adventure about a girl who must survive an alien planet in order to save the Earth.

   Ana only knows her name because of the tag she finds pinned to her jumpsuit. Waking in the featureless compartment of a rocket ship, she opens the hatch to discover that she has landed on a barren alien world. Instructions in her pocket tell her to observe and to survive, no doubt with help from the wicked-looking knives she carries on her belt. But to what purpose?

   Meeting up with three other teens–one boy seems strangely familiar–Ana treks across the inhospitable landscape, occasionally encountering odd twists of light that carry glimpses of people back on Earth. They’re working on some sort of problem, and the situation is critical. What is the connection between Ana’s mission on this planet and the crisis back on Earth, and how is she supposed to figure out the answer when she can’t remember anything?

I absolutely love the Maze Runner so of course I’m going to try this if it’s being compared to that. Will it live up to that comparison? I certainly hope so!

The author, A. J. Paquette, will be on Random Buzzers this week, so everyone can go there to ask questions and learn more about the book! If you haven’t already joined the site, you must! It’s an online book community where you can earn buzz bucks to use against ARCs and other great prizes! If you do sign up, my name there is kayla_ and I’d love it if you’d friend me! And maybe let them know that I sent you over!

I read, love, and respond to each and every one of your comments! Thank you for reading!

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