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Worried about getting textbooks for next semester?

I’ve already been looking into getting books for next semester. Being an English major means needing a lot of books just for one class so I’m always looking for ways to either save on my books or find a way to make back the money I’ve been spending on textbooks I’m never going to need for myself again.

Plus, from September to October, we all know that the best book releases are coming out. Continuing the series we all love, new releases by our favorite authors . . If we’re going to have any money left for these books when they come out, we can’t worry about overpriced textbooks! I know that my college charges a lot of money just to rent and if I did buy from them, they’d hardly give me any money back. That’s why I’ve been holding onto my books and hoping that I’d find a way to make some money off of them. I’m thinking that has the best program for that. Instead of trying to sell myself independently on ebay or amazon, the RentBack program pays you every time the site rents the books to another student! Convenient, right?

Not only that, you can save 40-90% off bookstore prices with their book rentals and there’s free shipping both ways (!!!). I was so annoyed last semester because shipping cost me almost as much as buying the books did! You can pick how long you want to rent for, highlight in the textbooks if you want to, but I saved the best for last.

For every textbook rented, the site donates to Operation Smile. They help to provide reconstructive surgery and medical care to children born with facial deformities, allowing them to eat, speak, socialize, and smile when they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. You can find out even more at the website:

So, basically, if you didn’t have enough interest in the site already, Operation Smile is a great organization that I’ve already heard a lot about and was really excited to learn that they were partnered with

I’m not worried about being able to afford textbooks for next semester, even if I’m taking three English courses. Now I’ll be able to afford all of those nice books that I’ve been looking forward to all year . . Though, now that I’ll have extra money, I’ll be able to distract myself from my homework.

I read, love, and respond to each and every one of your comments! Thank you for reading!

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