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Minute Review! The Tailor by Leigh Bardugo

The Tailor

The Grisha #1.5
Book 1: Shadow and Bone
Book 2: Siege and Storm

author : leigh bardugo

pages : [ebook] 18

summary : A scene from Shadow and Bone, told from Genya’s point of view!

review :

I’m always willing to admit just how much I adore and love The Grisha trilogy! Now that I’ve found out that there are several short stories written by Leigh Bardugo and meant to go before and after some of the books, I’ve been reading them to make up for the fact that I need to wait an indeterminate amount of time to get my hands on book three.

The Tailor focuses on Genya in book one so I decided to read this first. Genya was an interested and awesome character to me so I was ecstatic to see there were eighteen pages written just from her POV! If you have NOT read the first book in this series, I do not want to accidentally spoil you, so you should probably just know that I loved this and you need to read this book immediately and stop reading this review NOW.

Okay. So Genya was obviously a character just waiting to be built upon by the ending of book one. Everything she’d seemed to be throughout the book, I was never, ever suspicious of! When I finished reading and knew how she’d really been thinking the entire time it made it very difficult for me to think of her as a bad person. This short story really makes you rethink how she’s been portrayed. It lets you see her side of things, not only how she deals with Alina but also everybody in the castle including the Queen. It seems like she really has nobody and these few pages explain a little of the thinking behind her actions. If you’ve read some of this series, you need to read this book! It’s only a few pages and you can read it free online!

5/5 stars

If you’d like to read this short story online, follow this link!


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