4 stars · fiction

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

The Virgin Suicides

author : jeffrey eugenides

pages : [paperback] 249

memorable quote Basically what we have here is a dreamer. Somebody out of touch with reality. When she jumped, she probably thought she’d fly.

favorite character : lux

summary :

The haunting, humorous and tender story of the brief lives of the five entrancing Lisbon sisters, The Virgin Suicides, now a major film, is Jeffrey Eugenides’ classic debut novel.

The shocking thing about the girls was how nearly normal they seemed when their mother let them out for the one and only date of their lives. Twenty years on, their enigmatic personalities are embalmed in the memories of the boys who worshipped them and who now recall their shared adolescence: the brassiere draped over a crucifix belonging to the promiscuous Lux; the sisters’ breathtaking appearance on the night of the dance; and the sultry, sleepy street across which they watched a family disintegrate and fragile lives disappear.

review :

I’ve been wanting to read something by Jeffrey Eugenides and this happened to be the first book I picked up. While I didn’t completely know what to expect (well, except for the obvious in the title), I more than enjoyed the ride and now I’m looking to pick up more by this author in the future!

This book had a kind of slow build for me. I didn’t know where exactly it was taking me at first or if I was going to like it. I still really had my doubts, especially because it seemed like the narrator was part of a group of boys whose sole purpose in life was to stalk all of these girls. But the writing was just beautiful. It wasn’t overly done but was well put together and added so many extra layers to everything that was happening. I felt like fangirling every time this book spurred a new, larger idea in me. I love authors that can make you think. That’s what writing is all about to me and this book was right on target.

I said that the book started slowly and I feel it kept up that pace throughout the entire book. I knew that while I was reading there was something that I was missing, some bigger picture, and by the time the last few pages rolled around it all clicked together for me. I don’t even remember how it did, just that suddenly everything seemed to fit together so perfectly it made the book even more wonderful. Who wouldn’t want that?

This book has me so excited to read more of Eugenides’ writing! I recommend it to anyone looking to read some great fiction. I’ve been trying to get into adult fiction now and for anyone else doing so too this is a sneaky way to start where most of the characters are still in the YA range.

4/5 stars

2 thoughts on “The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

    1. Then I’ll definitely need to read that one next! I’ve been trying to decide which of his books to read now that I’m through with this one!


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