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Books to Movies: The Virgin Suicides


The Virgin Suicides

I read the book before I saw the movie, which is something that I’d always recommend doing no matter what kind of film you’re going to see. Of course this movie has been out for years so it was available to me whenever I wanted to see it, yet I was never interested in it until I read the novel and then wanted to see how something like that might translate to screen.

Of course because I read and enjoyed the book so much I was afraid that the movie might be a disappointment. I’ve been angry at movies before that might have been perfectly fine, if I hadn’t known that they were meant to be based off of books that I’ve known and loved. Luckily this movie was both captivating in its own right and very true to the movie so far as I could see.

I loved how this book captured the girls and showed them as the narrator and his friends viewed them. There were so many scenes shown that I’d wanted to see for myself after reading the book and I loved how they were done. I feel like I would have always liked this movie, even if I’d never heard of the book, just because of how it’s beautifully put together and still conveys most of the things that the story was able to get across. If you’ve read and liked the book and haven’t gotten around to seeing the movie yet, I really recommend that you check it out! I wasn’t disappointed and now I have another favorite to watch whenever I’m looking for a different movie to entertain me.

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