The Book Thief Read Along!

Hey guys! I’m going to be joining in on The Book Thief read along! I’ve been wanting to reread this book for a long while and I just watched the trailer for the movie that’s coming out November 15th! I absolutely can’t wait and I know that anybody would love this book. Click here to find out more and sign up!

It all starts on September 1st so you still have time to finish up what you’re reading right now or to go out and get your own copy! This is a book that it’s definitely worth owning!

3 thoughts on “The Book Thief Read Along!

  1. I’ve seen the trailer too! And it looks really awesome! I started reading The Book Thief a couple of months ago but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish it. 😦 I’ll try to join the read-along though. I think this book is really something and it deserves a second chance πŸ˜€


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