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Books to Movies: Sea of Monsters

I was so excited to see Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in theaters when it came out and I needed to wait a little while to calm down before I could write up a review of the adaptation. I think that almost everybody who loves books knows about the Percy Jackson series by now. It’s a series geared toward kids, yeah, but what great kids book can’t be enjoyed by people of all ages? The Percy in my head is awesome, sarcastic, maybe a little in need of the help his friends give him. He’s a lot younger than Logan Lerman, who plays him in the movie (even if Logan is very, very attractive). But the first movie . . . well . . nobody ever wants to talk about it. Because it was just that bad.

I don’t think it was a bad movie, per say, just an incredibly horrible adaptation. As in they took a few character names and forgot that the book even really existed. But Sea of Monsters was supposed to fix that! Annabeth is kind of blond, Clarisse is actually there, Thalia will be mentioned . . .

Really, I was just setting myself up for disappointment.

    Sea of Monsters is in my opinion much worse than the first movie, mostly in part due to the expectations the filmmakers built up within the fanbase and subsequently crushed horribly. While there were some parts of the movie I enjoyed, some things I’d wanted to see visually, it was so skewed from the book that it was impossible not to have my fangirl heart ache a little. Every time Tyson said something completely articulate or Annabeth looked up ancient Greek mythology on her iPad or major portions of the plot were skipped over . . I was sad. Scenes I thought would make for a great part in the movie were skipped over entirely.

Stanley Tucci as Mr. D and Nathan Fillion as Hermes were wonderful casting choices! I’ll definitely have to give them that. And I’ve never watched Firefly before but I definitely understood that reference. A+ for that. Unfortunately, for the most part in the rest of it, the dialogue was poorly written and then I couldn’t exactly judge the delivery. Don’t make the audience feel awkward because your writing sounds so forced and unnatural.

I think now’s about the time where I give up, hope they won’t make another movie, and that maybe they can try to start this up all over again in the future. This series just had so much potential. With great writing like that, I don’t understand how the book can be ignored, characters completely changes. I understand that things need to be changed for a movie and I’ve liked adaptations before. But this one is one I’d rather just forget about.

If you’re a fan of the Percy Jackson series, you should probably skip this movie. If you haven’t read the books, you might enjoy the film, but read the books afterward and see what you missed out on!

Did you like the movie? Did you dislike it? Comment below and let me know!


2 thoughts on “Books to Movies: Sea of Monsters

  1. I agree! Some books just can’t be made into movies because they’re books but the Percy Jackson series is so movie worthy and has so much potential to be an awesome movie series! Hollywood could do so much better with this and its really sad that these movies are what they come up with -.- The actors are awesome but the script is terrible so it doesn’t make up for it. They tried to redeem themselves with the Sea of Monsters movie but it just didn’t work. In order to make it better, they would need to re-do the first movie and start from scratch.


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