The Rise of Norse Mythology

I think by now almost everyone’s read Percy Jackson, right? If you haven’t, please stop reading this post, pick up the Lightning Thief, and come back and tell me how much you liked it! Besides that book there are tons out there focusing on Greek mythology, from old myths to the gods themselves. But, really, it seems like no author has decided to reach out and touch other mythologies, at least large scale authors in the YA genre. Until now.

I didn’t realize the shift until I recently read two books focusing on Norse mythology, The Lost Sun and Loki’s Wolves. Both of them I went into with barely the summary read and out of it I drew a better understanding of Norse myth than I ever had before. Interpreted differently for the books, yes, but it was enough to get my interest and make me want to research this further and learn more on my own.

Now that’s where I get excited. Because if I wanted to do that, maybe younger readers will also get interested in it. And maybe that’ll lead to more YA books about other mythologies.

I know that there are others out there, ones I haven’t actively searched for, but now that I know more about Norse myths I’m definitely going to look into reading more novels based off of it. I have no idea where this resurgence came from. Maybe because of the Avengers movie? Thor and Loki, anyone?

Have you read any great retellings lately? I’m trying to read more about any mythology, so any recommendations will have me eternally grateful! I’ll give you hugs and cookies!

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