4 stars · fiction · young adult

Brother, Brother by Clay Carmichael

Brother, Brother

author : clay carmichael

pages : [hardcover] 314

favorite characters : kit & jack

summary :

After his grandmother’s death, seventeen-year-old Brother sets out, with the abandoned son of a friend, on a 200-mile trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks to find his twin brother, of whose existence he just learned.

Part coming-of-age story, part love story, this is a book about finding out that who you are and where you come from aren’t necessarily the same thing.

review :

I really didn’t know what to expect from this book. It’s contemporary, the focus is on family, and I haven’t read a book like this in ages, if ever! I loved reading about these characters because no one’s perfect in this story. Even Brother, who dropped out of high school. But he was able to take care of his grandmother and get a job to help support them instead. He’s had a hard life, about the opposite of the one of his twin brother that he’s just found out about. I found it so interesting seeing how the two of them were so alike in appearance and so different in personality just because of how they grew up and where they came from.

I really loved the supporting characters in this as well. Well, loved as in they were very interesting and absolutely well-constructed but some of them were just horrible. Even Cole, who seems to be there for his brother sometimes, is very willing to drop him at any moment just when things are getting tough for him. That kind of an unsupportive brother is practically the only one shown here. That and another one I can’t mention because I’m afraid I’ll spoil one of the big twists of the book! I love how Brother sees all of this and still wants to strive to be the best sibling he can possibly be, under the circumstances.

One of my own personal fears is having someone try to control how I act or what I say. Brother needs to face that now that he’s found out about his family. I loved his strength and I think he’s a great role model. I would love to have the strong morals that he has. Well, I think that I have them, but everything like that becomes a real test when something bad is happening and the easy route isn’t always the best one.

I’d recommend this book to anyone, boy or girl, young or old. Read it with your sibling. Appreciate your family. Strive to be a better person.

4/5 stars


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