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What are you watching on TV this fall?

This season I didn’t plan on watching much TV because I know I’ll have a lot of schoolwork to do . . . But it seems like the entertainment industry is out to get me. Even though I’m adding two shows to the regular line-up, lots of my favorites are returning and I just need to watch. Maybe not when they air . . So that means it doesn’t count as me wasting so much time, right?

I think I’ll start off with the two shows that have just started and already hooked me in. Sleepy Hollow completely took me by surprise. I actually never even really heard about it until right after it premiered and I saw all over tumblr how much people were liking it.

And so I watched it that night, and was scared right before I went to sleep. My roommate saw me watching and kept trying to jump out at me. But the cast seems fantastic, I love the concept . . It’s just great!

And, of course, I love everything Avengers, so Agents of SHIELD made it into my schedule as well!

Most of my regular shows are returning in the next few weeks. Including . . .

And one of my old favorites that is a spinoff of Avatar: The Last Airbender returned a few weeks ago. The Legend of Korra is such a great show in its own right and even if it’s at an odd time (7 PM, EST, on Fridays) I’ll love it no matter what.

I’ll especially love Bolin, though. 😀

What are you watching now? Any new shows that have you hooked?


3 thoughts on “What are you watching on TV this fall?

  1. I really liked your post! I haven’t started Agents of SHEILD yet, but I really want to. I also am completely obsessed with Once Upon a Time, Parenthood, New Girl, and The Blacklist.


    1. Thanks so much! 😀 Oh, you should! SHIELD is fantastic! I’m slowly catching up with Once Upon a Time! Just started the second season and met Captain Hook. 😉 New Girl is amazing, too! I haven’t seen some of the newer episodes so I really need to catch up! I haven’t heard much about Parenthood or The Blacklist but I’ll definitely need to check them out!


      1. Oh Captain Hook is great! 😉 The Blacklist is new this season and there’s only two episodes out so far, but it has a really good storyline so it’s super addicting!


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