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Book Spoilers: The Bane of Every Reader

No, not this one:

Although, to a reader, he might seem a lot nicer than those people who speak without thinking about the cursed, the dreaded, SPOILERS.

Just to clarify, I’ll be talking ABOUT spoilers, not giving any myself! I’d never be that terrible!

I’ve been spoiled before with things that I love and wanted to experience for myself. It’s something that happens and right after it does, you get this feeling in your chest. Maybe it’s a little dramatic, but I always feel like I’ve lost something important. The chance to enjoy the book as much as I might have, had I not known about that. The chance to read and discover something on my own and jump up and down when plot twists happen.

These are the things that I remember for the rest of my life because they scare me into being uber paranoid about these things. I can remember, way back when, I was in Girl Scouts and told this girl that I’d just finished Eragon. We were in a car, on our way back from camp (my first and only time and we didn’t even stay the whole day. Hardcore, I know) and I was trapped there, forced to listen as she went into a very detailed talk about exactly what happened in the sequel. One of the biggest plot twists that I never would have guessed, as well as most of the plot points, engrained in my mind. Of course I couldn’t forget about it; they were already THERE and I was just so angry about it that there wasn’t any way to get it out of my head.

Then, more recently, I hadn’t read the third book in the Heroes of Olympus series, Mark of Athena. Yeah. Big mistake. I’m on  tumblr all of the time and of course that’s a popular series, especially with the people I follow . . . Still haven’t read it because I know how it ends, but with House of Hades coming out next week I know that I need to get to it before the same thing happens to me again! This isn’t so terrible because I know nothing of the book except for the end (so please, please don’t tell me anything else! It’s all I have left D: ) but it’s made me super paranoid. Every time I know that there’s a book coming out that I’ll care about, I avoid looking at things about it at every cost. Sometimes in peoples’ reviews, particularly if they didn’t enjoy the book, they’ll go on and on about it and reveal important information. That’s made me stick to avoiding posts about books I haven’t read yet and plan on reading.

Which I hate. I want to hear what people I’m following think about these books! I want to know if they’re worth reading! I want to be able to scroll through Goodreads reviews without fearing for my literary sanity! Only there are readers like me who respect the non-spoilery lifestyle and others who are either too passionate or angry about the books to limit themselves. Which is fine, if they come with proper warning.

So, to all of you spoilers out there, stop ruining the experience to readers who haven’t gotten to the books yet. I know there are some people who like to read endings before the beginning, for whatever reason, but that just isn’t for me.


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