Catching Fire Merch is Here!!

Is anyone else counting down the days to the release of Catching Fire?! Yes? No? Have you ordered your midnight premiere tickets yet? Have any money left over? Because I plan on spending way too much on all of the wonderful Catching Fire merch that was just released.

It’s all so pretty!

There are way too many awesome things to post pictures of it all here, so I’ll just show you some of my favorites! There are some awesome t-shirts that I plan on getting ASAP.

And then there’s all of this wonderful jewelry . . . That I really need to save up for!

HOTTOPIC.COM - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire District 4 Seal T-Shirt


This necklace has a part that opens and shows a quote from the book!

Hunger Games friendship necklaces? Yes, please!

Now you all know what all of my spare money will be going toward this month, to feed into my Catching Fire countdown!


2 thoughts on “Catching Fire Merch is Here!!

  1. I’m so excited!!! Yes, my tickets are purchased!!! I’m going with a bunch of other blogger friends, and it is going to be awesome! I love the merchandise! I really want the long sleeve one!


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