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Thursday Thoughts: Spooky Things I love for Halloween!

Hello friends! Happy Halloween!!! I hope today is filled with wonderful costumes, loads of candy, and plenty of spooky fun! Just don’t  overdo it . .

Yep. I absolutely love Supernatural. (Anyone else? Join me in obsessing over it on Tumblr ^.^) But, on Halloween, I like to rewatch a few of my favorite episodes, scary or not. Because there are a few that could really give me nightmares if I let them . . . and others that just make me laugh. It’s good to have a mix, right?

Of course, after you get some TV time in, you should probably eat a few Halloween-y treats.

I want to make these so badly!!! Okay, they aren’t exactly spooky . . . they’re downright adorable. But it’s scary to think about how guilty you might feel the next day, if you’re like me and overindulge on Halloween. Ooo. So spooky.

Alright, back to the TV now, this time for a movie! Every year I LOVE watching the Nightmare Before Christmas! Of course, part of it is Christmas-y, but Jack and Sally are the ones running the show.

And then, to wrap up a day of candy and movies and TV, costumes and parties and trick or treating, I like to sit down with a nice, spooky book. Not always the best idea because then I might really get those nightmares. This year I can’t decide between rereading Anna Dressed in Blood or starting The Returned, which looks to be mighty good!

What are you planning to do today?


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