HerCampus Back to School Survival Kits!

Hey all! Maybe you remember me talking a little while ago about being a member of the HerCampus Blogger Network. Which, by the way, is awesome. Not only do I get to connect with a great group of ladies who also love blogging, sometimes, like now, I get to sample the great things that HerCampus loves! I thought that maybe you’d like to hear about all of that so I can share the love, too.

The Back to School Survival Kit I received was filled with things for me to use in my daily life as I go through college. This includes needing to focus on the work I have and getting the supplies I need to have a job well done! I was grateful for the Neuro Sonic drink I was able to sample-it’s supposed to increase mental alertness and performance and give you more energy, important for all of those last-minute study sessions!

What I really appreciated were the Poppin notebooks that’ll help me keep track of my classes-and life!-in style. Mine were in a great, bright green color, but the company offers all sorts of different wonderful things that are sure to brighten your mood even if you’re cramming everything in and are getting super stressed.

Speaking of stressed, who really has time to waste on a snack break? You’ll need plenty of energy to get through your day and Luna Bars help you feel refreshed and ready to accomplish anything. They come in all kinds of yummy varieties!

Last, but not least: Chipotle. After the hard week you’ve been through, don’t you think you deserve a night out with your friends and real food? Delicious food, that doesn’t come from the cafeteria or dining hall? That’s what I thought.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them?

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