4 stars · paranormal · series

Wind and Shadow by Tori L. Ridgewood

Wind and Shadow

The Talbot Trilogy #1

author : tori l. ridgewood

pages : [paperback] 228

summary :

Rayvin Woods, photographer and natural witch. She just wanted to start her life over again after a series of misadventures. She didn’t count on rekindling a lost love when she came home to Talbot…or battling a malevolent vampire and his coven for her life.

Grant Michaels, police officer. He thought Rayvin was a murderer. He will do whatever it takes to protect the community he loves from danger…but will he learn to trust his heart, and the word of a witch, before it’s too late?

Malcolm de Sade, cunning vampire, imprisoned underground for a year by Charlotte Fanning and Pike Mahonen (“Mist and Midnight”, Midnight Thirsts). His accidental release unleashes his hunger and ambition on a small, sleepy town…


Facing the past can be a nightmare. It’s worse when a vampire is stalking you.

review :

I really didn’t know what to expect from this book because it seems like there are so many books about witches circulating these days, yet Rayvin manages to make an impression. She’s not your typical witch and she’s not willing to just sit by and let other people take charge, either. I loved reading from her perspective and knowing that she was going to get things done as well as take care of the people she cares about. Rayvin has been hurt, several times, in the past, but I like that she doesn’t dwell on that or let it get in her way.

That said, I don’t feel like I really connected with the book until about halfway through. There was a lot of build-up and I thought that I could see where the plot was going, though some points were confusing and I thought that some of the decisions Rayvin was making didn’t make much sense. But as the action began to pick up in the last half of the book, so did my interest, until I ended the book wondering when I could get the next one. I’m really interested in what happens next to these characters, especially because there were a few twists in there that I hadn’t expected. Because the plot at first seemed so predictable I think they were even more unexpected and made the impact even greater, which might account for why my interest suddenly switched.

There wasn’t much said about Charlotte and Pike, the people who originally trapped the vampire, in this book, so I really hope there’s a lot more about them in the sequel. I think it’d be interesting to see if there are other creatures out there, too, because Rayvin didn’t know for certain that vampires existed until one was trying to kill her! There are so many ways the next book could go and I think, if it picks up the way this book ended, it’ll be fantastic.

I recommend this book to people who are fans of supernatural creatures, romance, and an interesting story.

4/5 stars

3 thoughts on “Wind and Shadow by Tori L. Ridgewood

    1. It’s definitely worth a read! 😀

      I’ve actually really been considering joining in! And now I think I will. 😀 At first I wasn’t sure because it’s just before finals but, hey, I’ll probably want to read something fun anyway to keep my brain from melting xD


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