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Guest Post: Judge a Book by its Cover!

When I first got accepted into HerCampus (after months of waiting and an assumption that I didn’t get in), I didn’t realize just how awesome this blog community was. Through HerCampus, I virtually met Kayla from Caught Between the Pages, and smiled with giddyness because in the midst of all of the fashion, beauty, future mother, newlywed, college party life blogs, I felt like I finally found another blogger who understood my love for books! Kayla thought of an absolutely brilliant idea for a creative bookworm blog post. She suggested that we share some of our favorite books with each other, and out of the ones that the other hadn’t read, we would look at their book covers and try to guess what the book was about.

Kayla picked some awesome books, or I assume they’re awesome because I haven’t read them yet, and I hadn’t ever heard of any of them either, but the book covers look pretty intriguing. We had to go against the old adage of “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and make assumptions about each of the books purely based on their covers. Here are the books that Kayla chose and my predictions of each of the books’ plots.

The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey
 photo 5thwave500_zpsfb98d3fe.jpg

The cover shows a young girl with a backpack on walking out of the forest and toward the city. Maybe the name of the book is a play on the fifth generation of a kind of people. These people have lived in the forest for years, and this particular generation is eager to live in the real world with other people, particularly in the city. Read the actual synopsis of the book here.

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
 photo shadowandbone500_zps1ae22fe4.jpg

The review on the cover says “Unlike anything I’ve ever read,” which really doesn’t help me. Since there is a castle on the front, I’m thinking maybe it’s a Snow White-esque story. Maybe there is a jealous step-parent or aunt or uncle who is jealous of their younger family member, and they want to rule the kingdom. Since there are thorns and branches, maybe this is symbolic of the “forest” that the younger family member is ostracized to. Read the actual synopsis of the book here.

Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King by William Joyce
 photo stnicholas500_zps1a4dc49a.jpg

This is a very elaborate book cover. I could go anywhere with this. The white creatures in the back are obviously evil, and the guy holding the gold thing (probably Nicholas St. North) is the protector of the younger girl, possibly her father, and possibly the ruler of a kingdom. Maybe the white creatures are followers of the Nightmare King mentioned in the title, and they were sent to bring down Nicholas St. North. Nicholas is forewarned of their coming, and has to find the gold thing in order to defeat the Nightmare King. Read the actual synopsis of the book here.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
 photo eleanorandpark500_zps2f7233e4.jpg

This looks like it would be a typical teen love story. Since they’re both wearing headphones, I’m going to assume that they are brought together by music. It’s a really cute cover! I feel like I would enjoy this book, just by the look of the cover. Read the actual synopsis of the book here.

Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton
 photo tyger500_zps6cf65dd4.jpg

It looks like this is part of a series called The Goblin Wars, and at the bottom, a review says “Ancient Irish myths and legends mix and mingle with the modern world in this fast-paced fantasy.” So I’m assuming that it has to do with a war involving goblins. It looks like the figures are about the size of flowers in the forest, so maybe these goblins live in the forest undetected by humans who assume that their presence is just a myth. Read the actual synopsis of the book here.

Every Day by David Levithan
 photo everyday500_zps3d2bb8ba.jpg

On the front, it says “Every day a different life. Every day a different body. Every day in love with the same girl.” Since both the guy and the girl are flying around, I’m going to assume that this is symbolic of a soul. Maybe the guy travels into a different body every day. The words make it seem like he lives a different life every day. Somehow he always seems to be attracted to this one girl, and maybe the book is a focus on how he can figure out how to stay in one body in order to be together with the girl. Read the actual synopsis of the book here.

Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake
 photo girlofnightmares500_zpsba1492a1.jpg

The cover of this book is kind of eerie. Maybe the girl has some sort of magic power. Maybe she can travel into people’s dreams and often causes them nightmares. The front has the word “Spellbinding” in it, so I’m definitely thinking that she’s some sort of witch or something. Read the actual synopsis of the book here.

Deadline by Chris Crutcher
 photo deadline500_zpsf823b778.jpg

Well, on the front, it says “What if you only had one year to live…and you knew it?” So I’m guessing it’s about a guy (since it’s a guy on the front) who has been diagnosed with some sort of terminal disease that is going to cause him to die in a year (or it could be about a guy who committed a crime and he’s sentenced to the death penalty in a year, but he’s in the sunshine, so we’re going to go with the former). I’m thinking he’s in high school, because the guy in the picture looks kind of younger. So I’m sure it’s just about him trying to fit in a bucket list of things to do in the next year before he dies. Read the actual synopsis of the book here.

It was a lot of fun guessing the plots of these books even though I was definitely way off on almost all of them (apart from Every Day and Deadline. Kinda). Be sure to look at Kayla’s prediction on my blog

 photo withlovesignature_zpscd4b5559.png


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