Textbooks, anyone?

It’s the first full week of classes for me and one of my professors just told me about four new books I need to get myself for this semester. I really dislike having such a small amount of time to search for and find what I want at the price that I want it at. Most of the books I’m reading for school I don’t plan on picking up again, even if I’m an English major and have plenty of novels to order. Usually I know that the best option is to rent because it’s cheaper and I don’t plan on keeping the book. But the campus bookstore has outrageous prices. One of the best things about CampusBookRentals is not only the price but the fact that there’s free shipping both ways. For me, shipping is way too expensive and definitely adds up. On the site you choose how long you rent for, so if you know you’ll only use the book at one point in the semester you’ll save money by choosing a smaller time period!

Sometimes getting that rental just doesn’t feel right. I catch myself wondering if I’ll need books again that I definitely don’t end up reusing. Bookstores can give very low prices for books you spent a lot on at the beginning of your semester. Last semester I was so disappointed by the prices I was getting quoted. One book I spent fifty dollars on would have earned me about a dollar. This year I’m going to try out the CampusBookRentals RentBack program. You can rent out your textbooks to other students and get paid every time it rents . . . making you twice or almost four times as much money as you’d get elsewhere! That means you can worry less about paying for textbooks next semester!

And, guys, if you didn’t already abandon this post to check out the site, know that every textbook rented sends a donation to Operation Smile.  This is a great way to help out a great cause while simultaneously saving yourself a lot of money and hassle searching for books. Operation Smile heals children’s smiles, changing lives. They work in over 60 countries and you can help them out.

So, while I stock up on the books my professor waited until the last minute to tell me about, I know good things will come out of it!


I read, love, and respond to each and every one of your comments! Thank you for reading!

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