Deadline by Chris Crutcher

I just reread Deadline by Chris Crutcher. After all this time it’s still one of my favorite books. I absolutely love the message of it and the way that the novel is crafted. Would recommend to anyone!

Caught Between the Pages


Author: Chris Crutcher

Pages [hardcover]: 32o

Memorable Quote: “Beware the short terminal guy with nothing to lose.”

Favorite Characters: Ben & Coach


In this often heartbreaking but highly empowering tale, an 18-year-old boy learns he has one year to live and decides to keep his illness a secret from his friends and family in order to live a so-called normal life. The hero is a well-developed character who shows both sensitivity and humor in dealing with his impending death, as well as a variety of other serious issues teens can relate to: romance, racism, mental illness, and more. Through an engaging first-person narrative filled with gut-wrenching honesty, Chris Crutcher delivers a thought-provoking tale that offers a great exercise in living each day as though it might be your last.


 This book had me rolling on the floor laughing one second and crying…

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